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Here are some things that Tibetan Singing Bowls can do for you:

- They help you relax your mind and body.

- They can ease or eliminate anxiety and bad thoughts.

- They are able to increase your sensitivity and empathy.

- They allow you to harmonize your moods.

- They help improve your self-esteem and relationship with others.

- They help sleep.

- They can develop your ear and your musical skills.

- They awaken and make the energy of the 7 Chakras flow.

- With their practice, you will be able to combat upsets and tensions, both physical and psychological.

- They work in the subconscious by coming into contact with the deeper parts of the ego and the spirit.

- They can heal minor ailments and help overcome enormous difficulties.

- And much, much more...

Don't wait any longer: immediately learn about these arcane and extraordinary instruments of inner and outer transformation!



my name is Andrea Candeloro and WELCOME to this course on TIBETAN BELLS or SINGING BOWLS!

Even if calling them "Tibetan" is not entirely correct: in reality the majority of the Tibetan bells produced in the last seventy years (or so) don't come from Tibet, but from India or China!

And it's in one of these two countries that these meditation instruments most likely originated.

Used by monks and in Buddhist practices, by yogin and in holistic medicine, singing bells are born to reproduce the sound of the mystical mantra OM.

Most likely, you will also know that the bells are built with seven metals, each connected to a planet:

1) Gold for the Sun.

2) Silver for the Moon.

3) Iron for Mars.

4) Mercury for Mercury.

5) Pond for Jupiter.

6) Copper for Venus.

7) Lead for Saturn.

And that the Tibetan bells are used in the healing therapies of the body, mind and spirit, stimulating positive reactions of the Seven Chakras.

It is no coincidence that we speak of "sound baths", or vibrational therapies through the stimulating energy of sound.

So, everything is based on the foundations of sound: the physics of sound and the yoga of sound (called “nada yoga”).

All this develops in the broader concept of meditation, but also in real music because yes: the singing bowls are musical instruments at all and it is therefore also possible to play the singing bowls together with other musical instruments.


So here is where I come in, with my questions that I tried to answer in this course: "SINGING BOWLS FROM A TO Z"!

Isn't it true that most (if not all) of the courses on singing bells deal exclusively with this and only this: meditation, chakra, sound therapy, sound baths etc ... etc ... but then?

Do you know how many ways or techniques there are to hit or or move the mallet on the bell?

Have you ever tried to fill the bowls with water, rice, salt or other materials and study their effects?

Do you already know how to alter the vibrational field with your mouth or other objects?

Did you imagine that the bells can tune thierself (“autotune”) and with other musical instruments?

But above all: are you looking for a theoretical course or a PRACTICAL course, which makes you take on hand the instrument from the first minute and discover all its potential and hidden side?

This course was created to give you all the practical and musical tools: I will treat the bells as MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS in all respects.

So, the aim is to play the singiong bowls, not theorize about them!


From A to Z” because you will learn the musical alphabet of these instruments to be able to play them as you please, alone or in a group.

You will learn to recognize harmonics and manipulate vibrations, to think notes and sounds and to tune the bells with your spirit, your body and your mind.

You will learn how to harmonize and tune with the surrounding world to live in harmony and inner peace.

You will understand that bells can be musical instruments, and you will be able to play them along with other instruments and people.

You will learn sound relaxation and musical meditation techniques, but above all you will learn how to rplay the Tibetan bowls in every way and manner, how to tune them, how to amplify them, how to distinguish them, how to rotate them and many other magic ...

You just nedd to have passion for music, meditation, discovery, travel and in general take care of yourself!

EVERYONE can play and learn to play singing bowls: harmonic bells are instruments very easy to learn and can be used to create a sound bath of healing vibrations capable of restoring the balance of the seven chakras.

Meditation with Tibetan bells is a practice of music therapy of oriental origin and with a Taoist character: it trains to balance the energies through the balancing of Yin and Yang.

Video lessons on Tibetan bells are within everyone's reach: from beginners to more experienced musicians. For amateurs and holistic practitioners, for classical musicians and music therapists.

Discover how many ways, methods and techniques a Tibetan bell can be played, revealing all its musical healing power and all its magical and transcendental sound, tuned to special frequencies for the healing of people.

In this video course of singing bowls, we will see how to recognize them and we will learn how to play the bells, techniques and various methods.

Curiosities and secrets about Tibetan bells ... everything I have learned and am learning about singing bowls is here in this guide tutorial.

From how to hold the mallet, to how to amplify the Tibetan bells. From how to play the Tibetan bells with water, with stones, or with rice inside; to how to move or shake the singing bowls on the hands or on the pillows. From how to play and tune a Tibetan bell alone, to how to play, tune and harmonize multiple Tibetan bells together.


HURRY UP, it's time to embark on this sonic adventure!

And may the music be with you!

You can enroll the "SINGING BOWLS FROM A TO Z" course here:





In this singing bells tutorial n. 1 we will see different types of tibetan singing bowls, made in factory or handmade bells...

English language with english subtitles inserted in YouTube.

Good healing vibrations to you!


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