In this singing bells tutorial n.12 we continue our journey into the world of music therapy and positive vibrations, seeing how to play tibetan bells natural amplifying them with other musical instruments such as guitar, violin, oud and let sound them together…

In this little series of video tutorials on tibetan singing bowls lessons, I just want to share my knowledge gained on these beautiful instruments also called singing bells or harmonic bowls.

Made with seven metals, each one connected to a planet (gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, iron for Mars, mercury for Mercury, tin for Jupiter, copper for Venus and lead for Saturn), the tibetan singing bells can be used for meditation, in yoga, in the religious practices of Buddhism and for the healing therapies of body, mind and soul.

Born to reproduce the mystical Om mantra, tibetan bells are musical instruments to all effects and it is therefore possible to play the singing bowls together with other musical instruments.

Everyone can play and learn to play tibetan singing bowls: the harmonic bells are very easy to learn and can be used to create a sound bath of healing vibrations capable of restoring the balance of the seven chakras. Meditation with tibetan bells is a practice of music therapy with oriental origin and taoist character: it trains to balance the energies through the harmonization of the yin and the yang.

Free video lessons on tibetan singing bowls are available to everyone: from beginners to more experienced musicians. For amateurs and holistic operators, for classical musicians and music therapists.

Discover in how many ways, methods and techniques a tibetan singing bell can be played, revealing all its musical healing power and all its magical and transcendental sound, tuned to special frequencies for healing people.

In this video course of singing bowls, we will see how to recognize singing bells and learn how to play the bowls, techniques and various methods. Curiosities and little secrets of tibetan bells … everything I learned and I’m learning about sound bowls in this little guide.

From how to hold the mallet, to how to amplify tibetan singing bowls. From how to play the harmonic bells with water, with stones, or with rice inside; to how to move or shake singing bowls on hands or pillows. From how to play and tuning a tibetan singing bowl, to how to play, tune and harmonize more singing bells together.

Fine singing bowls guitar amplification to you!

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