MADYA DIEBATE JALIYA Album – ALLAH LAKE Track 1 – KORA DUO Cd Recording – African Music GRIOT HARP

This kora album was recorded in Rome, Italy, in the spring of 2012 at the “M. House Studio”.

Is a kora “live performance” project: all the songs were recorded in only one day, taking as good the “first shoot”; to maintain alive the original spirit of the traditional West African improvised style of music. It was mixed and mastered the day after and then produced.

In this album, the kora master Madya Diebate crosses the history of the traditional repertoire of African music until reaching a personal and modern interpretation of melodies and improvisations.

Madya Diebate: Kora, voice and percussion.

Andrea Candeloro: Kora.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mattia Candeloro.

MADYA DIEBATE is kora master, kora player and kora builder. He belongs to the Diebate family, one of the families Griot/Djeli Senegalese (formerly the king’s court minstrel). Born in Senegal, at Daresalam, Casamance.

The musician father taught him the first principles on the harmony and the “musical ear” and up the basics techniques on his instrument and the traditional african music of his country. He statred playing kora at the age of five. An intense period of study and daily practice linked to the kora instrument that will enable him to master the complex tuning of the Kora and assimilate all the West African traditional repertoire of his people, transmitted orally for several centuries.

Experience with other musicians and musical groups in Dakar, playing in various clubs of the capital, as solist performer and in bands. Numerous collaborations and kora concerts as well as in Senegal in Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Switzerland (Zurich and Bern), in Chile and Italy. In Italy he recorded three discs and now is a well know artist.

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