February 28, 2021


West African Kora Lessons For All


My entire course and tutorials of west african kora lessons is now HERE, in two version:

1) Kora Lessons Deluxe 120 Euros (payment once for unlimited access). Here you will find all the videos I have created on the kora, all my old video lessons and, if I ever manage to do them, also any new lessons and updates. You will also find all the in-depth material, video, audio and pdf…


2) Kora Lesson Standard / Euro 47.00 (one time payment for unlimited access). Here you will find my basic lessons in Italian and subtitles in English, at basic and advanced level, along with in-depth pdf material. These are not all my lessons, but enough to work with the kora for several years. This version of the course does not currently provide any future updates (if I ever manage to do them).

https://koralessons.thinkific.com/cou… /