Learn the 21 Strings West African Harp

KELEFA BA KUMBENGO – Learn How To Play Kora West African Harp

(Italiana Spoken version, look down for english…)

Welcome to your first basic kora lesson: in this video, we will study the basic rhythm (“kumbengo”) of the song Kelefa Ba. Traditionally, to the novice is taught one of this two songs: Kelefa Ba or Bani. I chose to show you Kelefa Ba. Kelefa was a great hero to whom many songs were dedicated to creating a long epic that talks about his battles and his death.

This video is the improvement of my other previous videos and the result of my experience as a teacher. So I tried to be as exhaustive as possible.

– Basic Kora Lesson Number 1.

– West African Traditional Music.

– Tuning the kora in Silaba scale, tonality of F.

– Italian and English language with English text (subtitles).

– Hd video quality.

– First-person view of the kora.

– Numerical, musical and visual indication of the strings to play

– Kora sheets

– Several training steps for a better learning

– Part 1

(English spoken language).

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