Forum rules

– The forum section is subject to the same Main Site Rules and to the same Privacy Policy document.

Adding to that, here are some specific rules of the Forum.

– General principles

This forum is a meeting and sharing place with an artistic and musical theme, centered on Afican music, West Africa and the kora instrument.

Its main purpose is to share ideas, opinions, experiences and materials in full compliance with all good civil rules.

The main spirit is that of peace and harmony, joy and sharing.

No behavior that violates any law will be accepted.

No spirit of controversy will be accepted.

No personal attacks on Users or Members will be accepted.

No spam, in any form, personal or third party, will be accepted in this forum.

Each User undertakes to follow these general principles, the rules of the forum and the rules of the main site itself (

In the forum it is possible to ask questions and post comments, propose discussions and topics.

A spirit of criticism is allowed in respect of each User and law and in the perspective of constructive and reciprocal growth.

Anyone who does not comply with these principles, the forum rules and the main rules of the site will be banned.

– Forum language

This forum is in English. Each User and Member is required to use English as the main language to communicate in public, via posts, discussions and answers.

No other languages will be accepted for public discussions.

No abusive or bad language will be accepted.

– Users and Members (normal and special member)

This is a public forum for reading only.

If a User wants to post or comment, he must register.

He will thus become a Member of the forum. A normal forum Member can create his own personal profile and share his topics through the forum.

He does not have the ability to edit posted messages. He has a private inbox and does not have access to all the forum areas reserved to special members like Supporters or others.

The forum’s Supporters (or Special Members) are the members who have decided to engage more in the growth and support of the forum.

They have some specific utilities available, such as the possibility of editing the messages posted for a limited time; or have access to specific areas of the forum intended for them.

They help new Members and Users to settle in the forum and follow the rules. They help the Staff with recommendations, reports and ideas.

A Supporter, if he is not active for a long time on the forum, can go back to being a normal Member on the staff’s unreliable decision.

Forum registration is not mandatory if a User just wants to read its content.

It is mandatory to post topics or comments.

Each User has the complete freedom to subscribe to the forum.

Supporters and Special Members are appointed by the Staff and only in this way a Member can become a Supporter.

Each Member or Supporter of the forum can decide at any time, for any reason, to unsubscribe from the forum.

– Ban

Any Member or Supporter of the forum can be banned if don’t comply with the forum rules and the general site rules.

Ban’s decision is not debatable and is entirely at the discretion of the Staff or Administrators of the Forum.

If a Member, Supporter or User of the forum is finally banned, he cannot re-enter (subscribe or sign up again) the forum for any reason.

Cannot create fake profiles, with other nicks or emails.

Any such violation may be reported to the competent authorities and reported according to the laws in force.

The ban can also be temporary, if the violations are not so serious.

In many cases, before being banned, the forum Member can be officially called by the staff to maintain an adequate behavior.


Staff members (like Moderators) monitor, organize and administer this forum.

They have the faculty and the duty to monitor the correct progress of this community.

Their every decision is final and indisputable.

No public dispute regarding their decisions will be accepted.

Any doubts or clarifications regarding their decisions can only be requested in private form, via message or e-mail.

– Registration and Cancellation

If a normal User wants to join the forum, he can do so and become a Member.

Each User can create only one Member account.

To subscribe to the forum it is necessary to give a nickname and a valid email address.

Creating multiple accounts or false accounts will be considered a violation of the forum rules.

A Member who is permanently banned, does not have the right to register again in the forum.

Each member of the forum has the right to unsubscribe at any time and for any reason.

To unsubscribe Members can use the apposite section of the forum, o a email request.

Attention: any message and content posted by the Users, Members or Supporters will not be deleted with the unsubscription from the forum; but will remain on the forum itself.

Only the Staff has the faculty to eliminate messages or contents and only if are considered in disagreement with the general rules of the forum.

Personal Profile

When a User signs up for the Forum, he can create a personal profile.

Any information entered in the forum, from this moment on, will be public. It will only remain private if the forum options allow it.

Private Messages

Each forum Member can also communicate via private message. In this case, message information is not and cannot be made public.

Public Chat

Public chat can be read by everyone. Only registered users can write to it, following the main rules of participation in the forum.

Copyright and Personal Data

Each Forum Member is responsible for the content that post or decide to share.

The Staff monitors the legality of this content.

The opinions expressed by the Members, are their free expression of ideas and must not violate in any case the existing laws, such as those concerning copyright, or defamatory content, or violent content, or pornographic and so on.

Regarding what type of content can be posted, reference is also made to the general rules of this site.

Users an Members’s personal data are processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Site itself.

Any violation will be punished by banning or reporting to the competent authorities (in the most serious cases).

Report abuse

Each Member of the forum can report to the Staff and site Sdministrators what they consider to be incorrect or defamatory, libelous or illegal content or behavior.

They can report it through email, private messages or through the forum reporting form.

Reaction to the post

Each Member can use emoticons or reactions in discussions.

These are not indicative of good or bad reputation, but only of reactions to the content itself.

Specific Rules

Each section or sub-section of the Forum may have its own specific rules of conduct (especially with regard to the content to be posted and the methodology in which to do so).

Every member or supporter is obliged to respect them.

Duplicate discussions will not be accepted. Spam discussions will not be accepted. No discussion that violates the forum rules or the laws in force will be accepted.

– Acceptance and updating of this document

Each User or forum Member declares to have read this document and to accept it without reservation in its entirety.

This document may undergo changes and updates over time.

Each User and Member agrees to check any updates to this document that can also be communicated via the forum.

Date of last update: 08/07/2019