SAMHADÃ – Archetypes

It’s with great pleasure and honor that I want to share with you the official birth of my musical project … along with other great musicians and friends, after years of study and work, born Samhadã … African music, Indian music, progressive music, all together in a special fusion, unclassifiable in its kind … of course I play the kora …  This is our first video, a way o different feeling for the kora… thanks

Samhadã is a world music project and a fusion of unclassifiable sound of its kind.
The group was born from the passion and the union of three musicians in its original lineup: Massimo Amato, Andrea Candeloro and Danilo Li Vigni.
Is the result of an intense musical research lasted for years, in the course of time and during live and recording sessions, several musicians are flanked and alternate each time expanding ideas and possibilities.
Samhadã born and developed as the meeting of world music, performed with traditional instruments from different traditions, such as Indian, African and European.
Songs and traditional rhythms, the composition of which goes back centuries if not millennia in the past, blend the most modern atmospheres of synthesized sounds or progressive music.
Instruments from Africa like the kora, from India as the tabla or pakhawaj, from Persia as the santur, join the electric bass, piano and percussion. Voices and flutes, harmonium and melodic, there are so many ideas and so many still more to come.
Samhadã born as the achievement of a sound that takes from everything, but in nothing can be classified. This arrival of musical maturity is therefore the starting point for a new journey.
Currently, the Samhadã members play and record each session in a live, so they are all unique and unrepeatable improvisation of their kind.
Good listening…

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Something Strange with the Kora – AndC

Hello, I want you to listen to this recording, just to show you how the kora can be played in different ways, for different moods, in different tuning, or create different atmospheres.

In this case, just for fun, we have:

1 – A background of Indian Tampura
2 – An hip-hop style drum kit
3 – Me and my lovely kora, tuned in a special scale

Thanks for watching and listening

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