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Privacy Policy

Information pursuant to D. Lgs. N ° 196/2003 – Code for the protection of personal data – provided to users who interact with the web services of the Site “Kora Lessons” as of the initial web address corresponding to: “” (below the “Site”). This information does not count for different sites or other sites accessible via links.

– Types of data treated

1) Navigation data – log files
The computer systems and applications dedicated to the operation of this Site may detect or detect, during their normal operation, some personal data (whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet) of Users. Among the data collected can be including IP addresses and domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site, the time of the request and other parameters regarding the operating system and the computer environment in use. These data are processed for the time strictly necessary in order to obtain statistical information on the Site, or according to the specifications of the various services to which they are connected.

2) Statistics Services and Advertising

This Site makes use of statistics and advertising services for internal or external use of the Site, or to improve the services provided by the Site and capable of tracking personal data and information of Users and visitors.
Personal data tracked by the statistics services inside the Site will be used to monitor the performance of the Site, the use of its services or to allow compliance with the Terms and Conditions of use of this Site.
Some third-party service, such as the incorporation of video or advertising, can make use of statistics services or advertising owned by third parties and subject to the relative privacy of the service providers themselves and whose names and brands appearing clearly into the Site.

This site even use Google AdSense. For more specific informations, you can visit this link.

3) Data provided voluntarily by the User

The optional, explicit and voluntary e-mail send to the email contact address of this Site and the compilation of the format specifically designed for the different services offered by the Site involves the subsequent acquisition of data and user-sender’s data necessary to respond to requests; as any other personal data, they will be used only for the usual and possible exchange of information between the responsible of this Site and the owner of the email, or to provide the requested service.
All site services are optional, but failure to enter the data may make it impossible to proceed with the request or the inability to provide the requested service.
Other personal data entered voluntarily by the User in relation to the various services of this Site will be treated according to the specifications of the various services themselves, such as the newsletter, the comments, the section of profile users, or other services present and future of this Site.

4) Newsletter service

The Newsletter service of the site implies consent by the User of this specific document of ”Privacy Policy” and of the document “Terms and Conditions” of the Site
The data entered by the User will be used to provide the service of news and publicity related to the activities of “Kora Lessons” and of the Site itself. The newsletter service can be activated only upon specific request by the User. The data entered for the simple request of the newsletter service will not be used for other  Site’s services not required.

5) Others site’s service

All other services of this Site that require the optional User’s data are optional services that require certain personal data of the User. These data will be used only in the context of the specific service and not for unwanted services. If the service so requires, it is possible that such data are transferred to third parties directly affected or may be made public on the Site.
Specific summary information will be given where possible together with the characteristics of the various services.

6) Cookie

This Site uses cookie for navigation, cookie for the registration and cookie of third-party in the integration with some of their applications, statistics and advertising services.
The use and management of cookie by “Kora Lessons” is for now only related to the operations of the services on the Site.
The use of cookie and management services that third parties – whose names and brands appearing clearly in the Site – use or may use in this Site is related to the use of their services and connected to their privacy policy. You acknowledge that by taking advantage of one or more services provided by the Site in conjunction with third-party applications, automatically you adhere to their privacy and cookie policy. Among these services, are to be understood as an example: the incorporation of video or the ability to share content through specific function of this site with other sites such as web-comunity or messaging services online.
The User is free, through the setting of the User’s web browser, to disable the use of cookies on this Site, even if this could compromise the navigation or the use of certain services of the Site.
By accessing this Site or by navigating in it, User automatically accepts the use of cookie. The User is informed of this Privacy Policy with the help of a special banner in line with recent European norms.

This site use some Google services as Google AdSense, or Youtube and their relative cookies. You can read more here about google policy.

This site use some Vimeo services and  their relative cookies. You can read more here about their policy.

7) Comments

In this Site there is the opportunity to comment by the Users. All comments are subject to moderation unquestionable by the managers of the Site. Will not be admitted comments outrageous, offensive or violate in any way the existing laws and the behavior of good living civil.
You acknowledge that by posting a comment to this Site, it automatically will be made public in all its parts, including personal data, and except only for the User’s email that will not be made public.
For more information please refer to the specific document “Rules for comments” in the section “Terms and Conditions” of this same Site.

– Rights of Users

Those whose personal data refer have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of such data and to know the content and origin, to verify their accuracy or request their integration and/or the update or rectification as Art. 7 of Legislative Decree (D.Lgs.) N. 196/2003. The User has the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, and to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment. The User has the right to report any type of abuse from him and believed that the detrimental of his rights. Requests should be sent to the Data Holder.

– The Data Holder

In order to enforce the rights of the Users concerned, each Users can contact the Data Holder identified in “Kora Lessons” and in the real administrator of this Site corresponding to Andrea Candeloro. Users can report any abuse, or requests for deletion of personal data or any other inquiries about, using the e-mail contact of this Site.

– Optional supply of data

The User is free to provide personal data contained in the application forms of the services of this Site as may decide to remain anonymous to where possible. This site is not required to enter data, but the absence can make it impossible to fulfill the request or to use some services. Specific summary information will be reported in the pages of the Site dedicated to specific services required wherever possible, or where there is the need to add specific details of the data processing.

– Place of treatment

The data provided by users will be stored on the server hosting this site (, or in the mail server reference ( The data can also be stored in a paper and not just electronics. Where the maintenance of the data results exceed the purpose of their request, they will be deleted. Control operations on data security will be carried out regularly according to the actual possibilities of the server itself and by the Data Holder.

– Purpose of data

The processing of personal data is used to the extent necessary to carry out the functions excluding the treatment when the purpose can be achieved by using anonymous data or methods that allow identification only when necessary.

– Method of treatment

Personal data are processed for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are collected through special automated tools and more rarely in paper form through service of the Italian Post Office or by telephone. Processing operations are those identified in Legislative Decree 196/2003, which are necessary to the provision of services to which the User subscribes.

– Diffusion of data

Depending on the specific services offered by this Site, the data provided by Users will also be sold or distributed to third parties directly affected by one or more specific services, or made public on the Site itself. Specific information will be given to acceptance of the various services which present any additions to what has been specified here now in this document.

– Updating of this Privacy Policy document

This document is or may be subject to changes over time, also depending on the range of services offered in the future from the Site constantly updated. The User is required to check with some frequency any changes to the Privacy Policy of the Site through this document and undertakes to do so when using one or more services on the Site.
The latest update of this document has been made on 13-10-2015 (if you viewed the document before this date, please consider that may have been made some changes since you last read).

– Information and Consent

The User declares to have read this document of Privacy Policy and consents to its specifications when navigating and accessing this Site or using one or more services on the Site.

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