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KORA LESSONS – Advanced N. 1 – Kelefa Ba – First Rhythm’s Variation – Part 3

– Your first Advanced Kora Lesson. Part 3.
– Learn the First Rhythm Variation of the song Kelefa Ba.
– Several steps of training for a better learning.
– HD video quality.
– First person-view of the kora.
– Numerical, visual and musical indication of the strings to play.
– Italian language with English texts (subtitles).
In this lesson:
– All the required steps to learn the first rhythm variation of Kelefa Ba.
– How to change from the basic rhythm to the new variation.
– The interactive video of the entire rhythm played with metronome.
To follow this lesson is strictly advised to already know how to play the basic rhythm of Kelefa Ba as shown in my previous lessons.
Note: the title of the video is “Advanced n.2 “, but this is the first advanced lesson… thanks!

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