Hello everyone!

For several years now, I have in mind some ideas to build a new experimental kora…
For about a year, together with friends, we are building a wooden kora… that is, with the intention of replacing cowskin with a wooden soundboard and using the wood also for the tuning keys (pegs)… and then adding some of my personal and friends’s ideas that I think can help the kora players (starting from the harp’s strings, or the adjustable handles to have different distances from the bridge, or wooden keys and so on…).

I started and I continue this project as usual, in my spirit… that is not with the intent of making money, but above all out for the curiosity to discover new sounds or possibilities for the instrument kora itself to share with you…

As in any good project, there were unfortunately some problems, and I had to start all over again… but this time I feel that the spirit is the right one, so I hope I will soon be able to make you listen to this first prototype
So… nothing… I decided to create this New Section of the site to keep you updated on the project and to share with you the various stages of creation…

I hope you can enjoy it!

And yes, even if my friends told me: “wait, it’s still early, it’s still a prototype with many things to change, fix, don’t show anything yet, etc…”
However, I want to show you some preview photos of the kora in the working phase… so not good quality or background set...
Good kora to everyone!

Skype lessons

I just wanted to inform, to those interested, that I re-started to give lessons via Skype of kora … they’re cheap and friendly, but yes… also professional… eventually, you can contact me by e-mail.


Then I add and renew my infinite thanks to the donating supporters !

Good kora to all!